Vayk Civic Center

vayk_civic_centerThe Vayk Civic Center was founded in 2005 to promote public awareness and amplify the community’s voice in the fight against poverty. Staff and volunteers work to develop civil society, legal protection, government accountabilty, and grassroots democracy in the town of Vayk and the surrounding communities of Herher and Martiros.

The center provides youth with a public space to gather, interact, and discuss critical issues, while also taking part in public policy and government monitoring. Over recent years, youth have been mobilized for marches against poverty, environmental degradation, and legal violations.

Members have also been active on women’s issues, particularly in regards to prenatal and postnatal rights. Independent women’s groups have been founded in the rural communities of Herher and Martiros, where the center assists vulnerable populations in micro-development projects such as beekeeping, chicken production, and water network renovations.

A significant portion of the center’s work also focuses on legal services with over 2000 citizens having received free legal consultation and assistance from staff professionals since 2005.

Shahumyan 21
Vayk, Armenia
Administrative Director: Vigen Grigoryan
Phone: 37493-74-50-84