Sisian Civic Center

sisian_civic_center3Founded in 2002, the mission of the Sisian Civic Center is to establish civic engagement and the development of democratic institutions in the immediate region. A professional team of staff and volunteers work year-round to protect human rights, advance socio-economic development, spread legal awareness, and increases the capacity of local government.

The main target communities of the center are the city of Sisian and the village communities of Ishkhanasar, Torunik, and Uyts.

Emphasis is especially placed on engaging youth in civic participation. In this regard, the center has organized countless seminars, outings and monitoring initiatives dealing with such issues as education, health, poverty, and development. The center is also a place for young people in the community to freely access technology, information, and legal consultation.

Active women’s groups have also been established through the auspices of the center. Averaging about 5-6 members each, these groups operate in the target communities and work closely with the center to address fundamental issues such as gender equality, rule of law, economic development, and access to basic services.

Israelyan Street 35/1
Sisian, Armenia
Administrative Director: Khachatur Arakelyan
Phone: 374283-2-61-10, 37493-71-64-76