Meghri Civic Center

meghri_civic_centerFounded in 2007, the Meghri Civic Center’s mission is to promote the development of democracy and civil society by increasing the level of legal awareness, socio-economic development, and public participation.

The center’s target communities include the town of Meghri, and villages of Alvank and Vardanidzor. Surrounding areas likewise benefit from the center’s work.

One of the main goals of the center is to engage women in public life through trainings, informational booklets and various economic development programs. Female self-help groups have been established in each of the four target communities and have succeeded in addressing various issues affecting rural women. The role of women in local production has also been supported through the provision and establishment of various micro-development projects in the rural communities.

Programs providing legal, media, and computer trainings for youth has also been initiated through the center. The focus is on giving youth the tools to be not only the leaders of the future, but to be the positive agents of change in their communities today.

In addition, one of the main aspects of the center’s work has been free legal consultations and representation for women, youth, and vulnerable segments of the population.

Zoravar Antranik 36
Meghri, Armenia
Administrative Director: Suzanna Gevorkyan
Phone: 37428-64-23-13, 37477-10-46-94