Kapan Civic Center

kapan_civic_centerSince 2006, the Kapan Civic Center has worked to advance human rights protection, the rule of law, poverty eradication, and civil society in the communities of Kapan, Egheg and Geghanoush.

Civic center members regularly visit the target communities of Egheg and Gheghanoush to work with youth and women on addressing key issues facing their communities. Seminars, workshops, roundtables, and monitoring activities are utilized as tools to raise problems and implement solutions.

In Kapan, the center provides free monthly legal consultations for those who cannot afford legal protection. Staff and volunteers also work closely with local NGO’s, student organizations, and women’s groups, providing them with shared information, technical assistance and collaborative campaigns.

Since Armenia’s adoption of its Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in August of 2003, the center has also been very active in poverty eradication activities and holding public policy to account in accordance with the official government strategy.

Spandaryan 6
Kapan, Armenia
Administrative Director: Hrayr Khachatryan
Phone: 37428-52-20-55, 37494-50-20-86
Email: favl.kapan@favl.am