OSCE Published a New Handbook

On 06 of May 2016 the OSCE published a handbook on the follow- up of Electoral Recommendations.

In the newsletter of OSCE is particularly written: “This handbook sets out ODIHR’s approach and practices in assisting participating States in the follow-up of electoral recommendations. While ODIHR has conducted follow-up activities for several years, this handbook aims to establish a more systematic approach that provides clarity and consistency and promotes greater attention to the implementation of recommendations. It has been developed on the basis of generous extra-budgetary contributions as part of ODIHR’s continued effort to improve its methodology and to increase professionalism in election observation activities. The handbook is primarily intended for actors in OSCE participating States addressing ODIHR’s electoral recommendations, but it will also be of use to those following up on recommendations outside the OSCE region”.

The text of handbook is available by the following link http://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/244941?download=true.

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