No representative of any public authority visited a woman prisoner on a hunger strike

A woman prisoner who is on a hunger strike for already 10 days at the “Abovyan” penitentiary institution was not visited by any public authority’s representative, besides her Advocate.

Today the Advocate of “The Foundation Against the Violation of Law” NGO Ara Gharagyozyan visited his client Sonia Malumyan in the “Abovyan” penitentiary institution of the Minister of Justice, who is on a hunger strike for already 10 days. Sonia Malumyan’s requirement is to move to an open prison. But the Allocation Commission rejected the prisoner to replace to an open prison by baseless argumentations.

“The Foundation Against the Violation of Law” is concerned about the fate of the prisoner and provide legal assistance to her by all legal means. The Advocate Ara Gharagyosyan regularly visits the convict. The prisoner is in a peaked condition, but the doctor does not visited and inspected her yet.

We should note, that on 8 April at 1715 pm in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk Marz will be examined the appeal against the rejection decision of the Allocation Commission on moving Sonya Malumyan to an open penitentiary institution presented by Ara Gharagyozyan.

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