Economic Rights Protection in Armenia

Project Coordinator: Zhora Khachatryan

The Economic Rights Protection project was an initiative aimed at changing legislative and law enforcement practices in regards to two of the most important fundamental rights: property and labor rights.

Launched in 2006, the project mainly focused on capacity building and strengthening civil society groups so that they could better protect the economic rights of the most vulnerable segments. Developing popular oversight over the implementation of state obligations in the sphere of human and economic rights was also a key emphasis of the program.

Activities undertaken as part of the initiative included legal consultations and representation, government monitoring, seminars on economic rights laws, information distribution, and legislative reform advocacy.

Microdevelopment projects in remote rural areas were also established as part of the program. For example, in 2007, FAVL members helped fund and construct a vital bridge in the village of Vargavank as part of the program, as well as distribute beehives for needy residents in Eetsakar.

The project was realized with the support of the Open Society Foundation – Armenia.

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