Caucasian Anti-Torture Network: Multi-Rehabilitation Services for Torture Victims and Fight Against Impunity

Project Coordinator: Kristina Gevorkyan

In Fall 2013, FAVL became a member of the Caucasian Anti-Torture Network, a coalition of NGO’s working across borders to prevent torture and hold perpetrators accountable.

The initiative strengthens ties between organizations providing rehabilitation services for torture victims and advocates for the implementation of international standards on the prevention of torture. Regional public awareness campaigns and legal efforts to fight against impunity are also a key component of the project.

Other partners in the network include RCT/EMPATHY (Georgia), the National Medical Association (Azerbaijan), “Niiso”/Justice (Chechnya), the Crisis Intervention Centre/ Women’s Association (Georgia/Abkhazia), Penal Reform International (PRI) and the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT).

Domestically, FAVL works in the network to assist Armenian IDP’s, refugees, prisoners, former prisoners, and victims of war crimes.

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