Simplified Budgets 2014

OXFAM, in partnership with the Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC) has launched “Increasing Civil Society Participation in National Policy Dialogue in Armenia” three-year project funded by the European Union. The project aims at empowering civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate and campaign for pro-poor reforms and engage in effective, transparent and substantial policy dialogue with the Government of Armenia based on monitoring of public budget and national policies in agriculture, health and social protection.

Within the project important and useful knowledge is created and shared, a series of publications in the sectors of health, agriculture and social protection are produced aiming to increase awareness and create basis for effective policy dialogue between the civil society and public sector and promote more informed discussions and decision-making.

The main sources of information used for developing the publications are the policy documents and strategies, State Budget Laws and MTEFs, as well as other documents and data.

Click on the following links for breakdowns of Agriculture, Health, and Social budgets for 2014:




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