We, the below-signed organizations of civil society, welcome the victory of the People and value the awakening of civil self-awareness and dignity.

We appreciate the principles proclaimed by the Prime Minister for achieving responsible, transparent, and accountable governance.

We comprehend the gravity of the problems faced by and the difficulty of the work to be completed by the new Government in the transition period.

The weak economy inherited from the previous Government, the enormous public debt, the scarce resources, the inefficient infrastructures, and the potential real obstacles within the public administration system are some of the challenges that must be overcome by the newly-formed Government. The turnaround in the nation’s public-political life is indeed a remarkable achievement, but not a fully-fledged victory. The previous system’s malpractices and the consequences of inefficient governance need to be eradicated fully.

Nonetheless, we are confident that the problems are temporary and can be dealt with by conducting a comprehensive assessment of programs implemented and funds spent in all the sectors, as well as genuinely putting in place equitable, transparent, and accountable governance practices.

We stand ready to support the newly-formed Government in overcoming the existing challenges and shall remain committed to the core principles and agenda of our work.

We shall continue to focus on the most relevant and pressing issues, including among others human rights, the fight against corruption, the independence of the judiciary, and the development of a free and competitive economy.


The Statement is open for others to join.

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly–Vanadzor

Helsinki Committee of Armenia Human Rights Defender NGO

Journalists’ Club “Asparez”

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center

Union of Informed Citizens NGO

Open Society Foundations-Armenia

For Equal Rights NGO

Communities Finance Officers Association

Institute of Public Policy

Umbrella Journalists’ International Network NGO

Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation

EcoLur Information NGO

Fund against Violations of Law NGO

New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Shirak Centre NGO

Goris Press Club

Sose Women Issues NGO

Vanadzor Civic Youth Center

Public Journalism Club

Rights Information Center NGO

Ijevan Civic Youth Center

OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women’s Rights

Social Justice NGO

Children’s Society NGO

Helsinki Association HRDO

Women’s Support Center NGO

Partnership and Teaching NGO

Meghri Women’s Resource Center NGO

Armenian Innocence Project

Women’s Rights Center NGO

Kapan Civic Youth Center

Peace Dialogue NGO

Goris Women’s Development Resource Center Foundation

“For Sustainable Human Development” Association

Anahit Beglaryan, Attorney

“Colorful House” Social-Cultural and Human Rights Defender NGO

Territorial Development and Research Center NGO

Martuni Women’s Community Council NGO

“Shogher” Union NGO

Union of Communities of Armenia

Europe in Law Association NGO

Artsvabuyn Zeytun Compatriotic Union

Armavir Development Center

Association of Young Journalists NGO

Yeghegnadzor Civic Youth Center

Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGO

Consumers Support Center NGO

Lore Eco Club NGO

Bridge of Hope NGO

Spitak Helsinki Group NGO

Khoran Ard Intellectual NGO

Community Pulse NGO

Gyumri Youth Civic Center

National Center of Public Policy Research NGO

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