Gevorg Tosunyan: “They didn’t hit me on hands or on head, only on the back”. A1PLUS

Violence was used against the journalist of website Gevorg Tosunyan, while he was carrying out his professional activities and covering the action.

“When you speak about violence, those are only words, but when you see what the people can do against you, seven people, who are stronger than you,” Gevorg Tosunyan told “A1+”.

The journalist captured how the people in the civilian clothes and activists in Tigran Mets street were throwing bottles and stones at each other. “Then, in order to move to safer place, I moved to the right side, where there were people in civilian clothes, who said that it was safer there. Then they urged me to turn off the camera, I agreed, as they were aggressive, then they demanded the memory card, but I refused.”

Gevorg was followed up to “Armeconombank” located in Tigran Mets street and he had to hand over the memory card of the camera. “There was no other way out, they were many, they started to hit me, they didn’t hit me on the hands or on the head, they only hit me on my back and I couldn’t see their faces.”

He says he was also threatened, when he hurried to leave after handing over the memory card. “They told me not to be there anymore and cover actions. They were trying to use violence against the journalist, so that the journalist not to try and wish to cover actions, initially they didn’t know which website I represent,” said the journalist.

Gevorg Tosunyan gave a report on the crime, visited a forensic doctor, who registered the bruises. “[Doctor] said that those bruises are the result of a blunt tool. He explained that it could be the result of a hit with foot, hand or just a blunt instrument.”

Due to the use of explosives, gas grenades and tear gas in Khorenatsi street, 34 citizens were transferred to the hospitals, 14 of whom to Erebuni medical center.

“Most of them are intoxication cases or injuries caused by blunt instruments. All the injured received medical aid,” said Artak Vardanyan, senior surgeon at Erebuni medical center.

After yesterday’s incident, Movses Shahverdyan, Chairman of Armenia’s Labor-Social Party, is in intensive care unit.



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