“Police forced the detainee to kiss the boots of the police officers: Aravot

In recent days, the detained activists were not taken to the police departments but the RA Police detachment unit. At the discussion invited to the “Media Center”, Daniel Ioannisyan, Chairman of the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO, considered this a “nonsense” and added, “I was shocked when I was told about it. It is the example of famous events in Argentina all the activists were detained and closed in a stadium, and a part of them were killed.”

Daniel Ioannisyan expressed concern that the citizens are kept in the police for more than three hours, one of them was kept even more than 10 hours, there was in incident in Ashtarak when a person was kept for more than a day, or the relatives were taken to the police station, warning to come to the police station to release the mother and the sister. Daniel Ioannisyan noted that yesterday after 19:30 when the activists were detained, they were taken to the military unit stationed in Davtashen administrative district. Daniel Ioannisyan noted that judging from the stories and calculations told by the detainees, 150-200 people were detained only in Yerevan these days, “In 10/33 detachment unit, people had counted each other – 102-106 people. As the detainees told, the situation in 10/33 unit is like a concentration camp, everybody was packed in one hall without food, they felt in a status of prisoner, there were some people against whom the police had old accounts and the police were taking them out of the room, beating and bringing back.”

Talking about David Sanasaryan and Andranik Aslanyan detained yesterday from the Freedom Square, Daniel Ioannisyan said, “David was beaten so hard that he had got a concussion of the brain. In addition, as told by the guys, the police was trying to humiliate them in all ways, they were forcing them to kiss the boots of the police, spitting on the guys, and it is simply meaningless to talk about swearing words, and it went all the way from the Freedom Square to Davitashen district.” Back to the remark by one of the beating police officers that “your good times are over, old times came and it’s going to be so now and onwards,” – said Daniel Ioannisyan, – “All the reforms that the police was talking about, they do not function anymore. I assume that the police officers had received an instruction from above. Even if we compare with June last year, with 2013, the difference is much. To beat a man so that he receives a concussion, humiliated and forced to kiss the shoes, no such a thing had happened in the last years.

Regarding the voiced information, Ashot Aharonyan, the Head of the Public Relations and Information Department of RA Police, explained on his Facebook page, “And all this without stating any specific fact, data, address, with obscure remarks, with some videos where you cannot hear the text even if you greatly desire. This “approximation” is surprising especially in the sense that the mentioned people have always addressed their clients in the past one by one.

Today, it is not the case, and it gives a reason to believe that the realities are speculated. I suggest abstaining from such “amateur” and deadlock practice. By the instruction of the police chief, by all the cases known to us more or less, service investigations are initiated. If you really want to disclose the truth, and the possible perpetrators punished, support the investigation and apply to the police station. In the case of any difficulties arise, call me on the phone or post an information thru the social networks. This is the way to receive the true snapshot of the realities, otherwise, I repeat, we would have to think that all this are primitive and infantile attempts to defame the police and to put the public into misunderstanding.”

Read more at: http://en.aravot.am/2016/07/19/178942/


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