“With bruises on my face, with blood in my eyes, with ruptured lip.” Vaghinak Shushanyan about police beating: Aravot

“They were hitting me in my head, around the ribs, on my back and face with fists,” – told “No to Plunder” movement activist Vaghinak Shushanyan in an interview with Aravot.am, describing his beating in the police stations. He said that the beaters were 2 or 3 people, “I was protecting myself. I have received a lot of injuries around my ribs, bruises and a big injury in the shoulder area with a shoe, bruises on my faces, blood in the eyes and ruptured lip.”

To our question of whether he had seen a doctor, Vaghinak Shushanyan replied, “Yes, I went to the hospital. There are no health-threatening injuries, just bruises.” To our question of whether they were not saying why they were beating, he replied, “No, they absolutely said nothing. I have had no status, I have given no explanation. They brought me off the car, I got off the car, there was no scuffling, I have got on the car, as soon as I was off the car and closer to the door, they began beating me.

There were three of us in the car: my friend, a girl and I.” To the question of whether they were also exposed to beating, Vaghinak Shushanyan replied, “Not with the people with him, but there were other people inside who were exposed to beating.”


Read more at: http://en.aravot.am/2016/07/19/178920/

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