Disaster Risk Reduction

Project Coordinator: Kristina Gevorkyan

Through their involvement with Oxfam’s “Supporting Community Resilience in the South Caucasus project,” FAVL’s Civic Centers have initiated community education programs related to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation strategies.

In 2010 Oxfam and FAVL established community based voluntary-emergency groups in ten isolated highland communities in Vayots Dzor. These groups underwent training courses in initiating independent rescue activities and working with specialized state rescue teams in case of disasters. The Vayots Dzor emergency group volunteers and the Regional Rescue Department regularly organize and participate in public rescue drills. This initiative marks a unique collaboration between state rescuers and members of volunteer community emergency groups.

In an effort to involve the youth in rural communities, ten youth clubs were also established in targeted areas in the Vayats Dzor region. The clubs work with Community Emergency Groups and Civic Centers to raise public awareness on DRR and climate change adaptation. In these clubs young activists also attend workshops on combating climate change and operate greenhouses for the cultivation of non-traditional climate change resistant crops.

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