Achieving Active and Vibrant Citizenship through Empowerment of Civic Centers

Project Coordinator: Kristina Gevorkyan

Since 2002, FAVL has worked in partnership with Oxfam in supporting rural development and strengthening democratic participation in the villages and border communities of Armenia.

Five civic centers were established in the Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions of Armenia in order to engage citizens in local decision making processes and promote the protection of basic freedoms. A total of 16 beneficiary communities are served by the centers, which provide free legal services to the population, conduct trainings, mobilize activists, and monitor local government bodies.

In 2013, it was decided to place emphasis on mobilizing women and youth to monitor the state and hold local officials responsive to not only their needs, but those of the marginalized and poor. In coordination with Oxfam Armenia and FAVL’s Yerevan office, activists at the centers work with women and youth groups to analyze community needs and advocate for issues of importance to residents.

Advocacy issues addressed include environmental pollution, domestic violence, labor rights, participatory budgeting, and child education, to name a few.

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