Project Coordinator: Zhorzheta Mesropyan

Established in 1999, the Armenian Rehabilitation and Development Centre for Torture Victims (ARDCen-TV) is the first institute in the region to provide free rehabilitation services to torture victims, missing persons, and members of their families.

Through its representation in various public monitoring groups, FAVL systematically visits police stations, preliminary detention stations, prisons, and the armed forced to detect cases of torture. The organization also monitors media reports and receives referrals from other civil society groups regarding torture and ill treatment.

Victims are provided with necessary medical examinations, consultations and treatments. Free psycho-therapeutic assistance is also offered to tortured individuals and their families through our resident psychologist.

Other services provided by the center include free legal consultations and representation for torture victims, as well as social provisions for vulnerable clients.

Each torture case is thoroughly documented and registered in the center’s journal, with summaries, analyses and statistics prepared annually for relevant state bodies and civil society. Research and information gathered is also presented in seminars, publications, and anti-torture advocacy initiatives organized by the center.

In 2007, FAVL was designated as an official member organization of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) for its work carried out through ARDCen-TV.

The program is jointly supported by the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture and IRCT.